• Professional Skin Care Formula Bleaching Cream 4in1

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Professional Skin Care Formula Bleaching Cream 4in1

The PSCF 4in1 Bleaching Cream works as a keratolytic, bacteriocidic and comedolytic agent on the skin which causes the cells of the skins to shed more readily, opening blocked pores and reducing the effects of germs within, preventing pores from congesting once more by constricting pore diameter, and allowing space for brand-new cell growth. It stimulates the breakdown of melanin crystals that cause age sports, melasma and other dscolored locations of the skin. It can also assist in the therapy of different maturing concerns such as creases and drooping skin. The cream is also great for treating full grown acne breakouts and gets rid of skin imperfections

Direction of use: Whitening Cream can make skin conscious sun and other inflammation. Use sunblock daily.